Setting up an alias for ngrok

ngrok is awesome. If you download it from and follow the instructions, you’ll still need to run in your terminal:

$ ./ngrok http {portNumber}

from the folder that you have the file unzipped in. I unzipped it in ~/Downlaods folder (for no specific reason).

Here’s the trick to make this more efficient. You can use alias in your terminal.


~$ alias ddd='cd ~/Downloads'

Then, when you run ddd anywhere in your terminal, the alias means that bash will actually run cd ~/Downloads, changing directory to the Downloads folder.

The trick is to chain commands so that, whenever you type ngrok command in your terminal, it’ll go to /Downloads and run ./ngrok command.

And we want this permanently. So, we’ll need to write the alias in the .bash_profile file.

Let’s do this.

Open a terminal and in your home folder open the .bash_profile file, you can use nano:

~$ nano .bash_profile

Add the following line to your bash profile:

## ngrok alias
alias ngrok='cd ~/Downloads/ && ./ngrok'

and save it (if you are using nano, hit control+X and then Y).

Then, source the file:

~$ source .bash_profile

You’re good to go! To test, go adhead and type ngrok http 3000 to open a tunnel on port 3000 from your localhost. Or any other ngrok command. See (ngrok docs)[].